Wat Phra Srisanphet, an important historical monument in Ayutthaya. 
Thailand, with its long history of more than 700 years, has been endowed with a unique combination of art and culture that continuously developed from the ancient Sukhothai Kingdom to the present  Rattanakosin period.  Ancient monuments and artifacts from the past found in Thailand bear evidence of the continuous prosperity of the Thai nation.  The treasures of Thailand's cultural heritage are highly regarded by the Thais as well as people from all over the world.

  Prasat Phanom Rung  
Situated on top of an extinct volcano, Prasat Phanom Rung was Hindu sanctuary built by the Khmer.  The ancient monument dates to the 10-12 th century AD. During the reign of the Khmer king Jayavarman VII (1181-c. 1218), who followed Mahayana Buddhism, the sanctuary became a Buddhist Temple.  Location: Subdistrict Tapek, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province. 
  Wat Phra Barommathat Chaiya 
Located in Southern Thailand, Wat Phra Barommathat Chaiya dates to the Srivijaya period (6-12 th) and is noted for its unique architecture.  As indicated by its title Phra Barommathat, the stupa (called a chedi in Thailand) in the temple compound contains relics of the Buddha.  A small museum nearby houses historical items found in the vicinity. 
  Chao Mae Yotkham House 
Regarded as a typical Lanna ( or Northern) style compound house, the 130 year old teak building is in an excellent state of preservation, although some parts of the building have been enlarged.  Location: Wiang Nua Subdistrict, Muang District, Lampang Province. 
  Wat Phra Buddha Bat 
Wat Phra Buddhabat indicates a temple where a footprint of the Buddha is enshrined.  The footprint represents the presence of the Buddha, or the idea of his teachings having traveled to a specific place. 
Built during the reign of King Song Tham of Ayutthaya (1610-1628), Wat Phra Buddhabat in Saraburi Province is probably the most visited site containing Buddha footprint.  The two-meter footprint is enshrined in a mondop, which is a square building topped with a pyramidal superstructure usually built to protect a holy object.  The inner wall of the Mondop is painted red and decorated with gold designs.  The floor is covered with a mat woven from pure silver.  The outer wall is decorated with gold plaques of traditional Thai designs.  The elegant doors, inlaid with mother-of-pearl, were constructed during the reign of King Rama I.  Visitors to Wat Phra Buddhabat can truly appreciate traditional Thai architecture and decorative designs.