School Lunch-For-All Programs

Principle and rationale

                The need for sufficient and wholesome food for Physical development is well recognized, especially for children and youth. Growth in body and intelligence of student largely depends on nutritious food taken daily. There stills, however, a large number of school children whose families are without necessary means to provide them with a daily lunch. The Ministry of Education therefore deems this programs imperative; it must indeed be urgently implemented.


              To provide all school children with a daily lunch adequate and suitable for their requirements.


      1.  By the year 2000, a daily lunch in sufficient quantity for school children.

              2.  By the year 2001, nutritious and healthy food will be provided to all school children who will thus acquire desirable food habits.

Method of work

            1. School will conduct surveys on the number of both students with and without or with an insufficient lunch. In each school, a lunch-for-all committee, comprised of parent’ representatives of local organizations, will be established and entrusted with the responsibilities for attainment of the programme objectives

            2. Announcement for public information a list of schools where the lunch-for-all programme has been fully implemented     

            3. For school which have not reached the target, efforts will be made by all concerned for attainment of the programme objective.

            4. Continuous development and improvement of the programme by the respective committees.

            5. Committees at levels of the ministry of Education department, will follow up, monitor and access the progress made.


            As of academic year 1999.

Budgetary sources

            1. Subsidies for basic requirements provided by various departments

            2. Mobilization of necessary funds through various means.

            3. School Lunch Fund provided by the government.

            4. Donations form foundations, local administration organizations, temples, mosques, other religious and charity organizations, as well as private persons.

Responsible agencies

            Ministry of Education, department and divisions under jurisdiction of the Ministry, local administration organizations, school, school committees etc.

Expected outcomes

            With the school Lunch-for-All Programme being fully implemented, all students will acquire desirable food habits, resulting in better health and higher academic achievements.  

Source : External Relations Division, Office of the Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Education “Thai Education in Brief : Its part ; present, and Future.” 2000  


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