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           The major products of this area of the country are agricultural, and wickwork objects play     a substantial role in serving farmers and gardeners to carry out their everyday work. In this collection there are eleven kinds with the second kind divided into three varieties and the eigth kinds divided into  two varieties

1. Chong Long
    A Chong Long is a kind of shovel. Its body is woven of bamboo strips so tighty that it can hold water. Its handles is made of a bamboo trunk.    A Chong Long  is multi-functional. It can be used to shovel water from a pond or a ditch to drain it for fishing ; or it can also be used to water the
garden. The tool is sometimes called a "Pong"    


2. Kheng
     A kheng is a kind of container woven of bamboo strips. It is popular  among the chinese There are three varieties of such container presented here.   

         2.1 An ordinary Kheng has a cylindrical shape. Its upper part , which  is a little wider than
the bottom, is round and the bottom square. it is used to contain miscellaeous things for sale. There are thick pieces of bamboo  strips crossing one another underneath the bottom.This kind of   basket has to be used in pairs with carrying frames and  a pole
        2.2 A Kheng Sai Pet is also woven of woven of bamboo strips. Its body and the upper part is round but the bottom hexagonal. Like an ordinary Kheng, there are thick pieces of bamboo strips crossing one another underneath the bottom.It is normally used to contain fowls for sale in the market place. It can be used singly without carrying frames or a pole.      

        2.3 A Kheng Tao, compared to Kheng Sai Pet has its top part widened. It is used like an ordinary Kheng   ,that is, to contain things for sale and to be carried in pair with carrying frames and pole.

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3. Khlum
    A Khlum is an  implement used to cover a cattle's mouth to prevent the animal from eating rice while it is working on a threshing-floor. It is coiled of rattan (photograph no.3) The royal Institute dictionary says that a Khlum that is woven of ropes is used as a part of a bridle 

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4. Kra- Tarm
    A Kra-Tarm is an implement used to rap around a cattle's neck for connecting wwith the cart during the moving or ploughing. It is coiled of rattan.

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5.Chut-Sai Mu
   A Chut -Sai -Mu is coiled of rattan (dia.1.5 cms.) in the pattern of Lai Cha-leo. Its body is cylindrical form.It is used to contain pigs for sale or to be carried to the slougter house.


6. Khrat (a rake)
    This bamboo implement is used to clear away dry grass or hay from a farm-yard or around a heap of hey. Its body is woven of slices of bamboo and is fixed on one end of a bamboo trunk. The other end of the trunk becomes the handle.


7. Lua
    A Lua is a container used for transporting agricultural products. It is made of slices of bamboo (with skin) The top part is round, the bottom square. There are handles at the edge


8. Pa-hang
     A Pa-hang is a wickerwork object woven of bamboo strips for containing hey or grass for cattel. It has around shape and hollow bottom. A Pa-hang is normally in a farm-yard


9. Phom
    A Phom , or sometimes called "Kra-phom" is a large basket for storing race grains . Its shape is like that of a large jar. The body is made of special kind of bamboo. The edge is woven of rattan

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si-khao.gif (31956 bytes) 10. Si-Khao    
A Si-Khao is a rice mill wooven of bamboo strios in the cylindrical shape with wood handle attached to the side for rolling. At the lower part rounded by the bamboo trat for padding the grains.It was not used any more.


11. Pung-ki
      A Pung-ki is a basket with one side open. It is made of bamboo and rattan strips. There are two forms of Pung-ki one with handles; the other without .A Pung-ki with handles is used to carry soil, bricks or rubbish from one place to another. The one without a handle is used like a scoop to take up rice grains or salt.
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12. Sum Kai
      A Sum-Kai is an object for keeping hens and chicks. It is woven of bamboo strips. The handiwork in the body is rougter than that in the base.At the top part there is a hole to take the fowls in or out . A Sum-Kai has a tall and round shape.

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13. Ta Kra Sai Ya

      A Ta-kra  Sai Ya is a large basket for carrying   grass to feed cattle.  Normally they  are   used in pair with a pole skewered in the  handles.  The  basket will be carried over the shoulder without  carrying frames,  This kind of basketry  is  woven  solely  with   bamboo  strips  of   different  sizes. There are handles also made of bamboo strips.
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14. Ta-kro Soi  Polamai

       A Ta-kro   Soi  Polamai  is a basket  used  for picking fruit on  its tree, for instance, mangoes
and rose apples.  It  is made of ratten.   There is an inner structurc made  of  bamboo   sticks.
At the front and back parts of the basket, there are forks made of sharpen bamboo sticks, each of which is fasten to one another leaving a space about  two inches   between each stick.  There is
a long handle made of small bamboo trunks.

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